Growing together

We believe in providing our volunteers with transparent pathways to personal and professional growth.

While everyone will not walk the same path, below, we’ve outlined some of the opportunities available as you gain more experience volunteering with us. These come with their own responsibilities, which we’ve designed through collaboration with our leaders to ensure the expectations of each experience level are reasonable.

I care about events


  • Organise and facilitate events

  • Understand the Cause Corps vision

  • Understand the microvolunteering model

  • Speak confidently about why we are running this event

  • Have all the event resources they need

  • Collect volunteer feedback and impact data

  • Improve events based off volunteer feedback


  • Event organisation

  • Facilitation

  • Creating memorable volunteer experiences

  • Relationship management

  • Be coached by others with more experience

I care about partnerships


  • Creating NFP partnerships and venue collaborations

  • Logistics of all event materials

  • Teach volunteers how to organise events

  • Improve events based off volunteer feedback

  • Support other volunteers

  • Speak to volunteers about opportunities to become more involved with Cause Corps

  • Add content to social media


  • Mentoring

  • Event and logistics management

  • Creating partnerships with other NFP’s (Not For Profit)

  • Content creation

  • Be coached by others with more experience

I care about teams


  • Taking ownership of an Initiative (see Initiative Map)

  • Onboard new team members

  • Answering questions about events, operations, partners

  • Be the face of Cause Corps to other organisations

  • Communicate the Vision and current strategy of Cause Corps

  • Facilitate corporate events

  • Evaluating health of Chapters


  • Team leadership and mentoring

  • Learn how Cause Corps as an organisation at our scale works

  • Organisation-level context; how does finance, legal, volunteer growth, etc work for us

  • Speaking to your peers in other organisations to become involved and/or build Cause Corps professional network

  • How to run corporate volunteering events

  • Documentation  creation, e.g,  privacy policy, blogs etc

  • Be coached by others with more experience

I care about Cause Corps as an organisation


  • Chapter-specific strategy

  • Able to start a new chapter and develop its people

  • Support other teams through Slack

  • Ensuring Chapters have all the resources they need to be successful

  • Evaluating health of Chapters

  • Updating processes/tools and creating metrics

  • Researching legal/financial obligations from an organisation point of view

  • Co-ordinate corporate volunteering events


  • How to start a new Chapter in your country

  • Coaching other Chapters in person or virtually

  • Setting Chapter-wide and (if relevant) country-wide strategy

  • Having challenging (and rewarding) people-centred conversations

  • Be coached by others with more experience

I care about Cause Corps as a global movement


  • Supporting teams to do all of the above

  • Thought leadership

  • Coaching

  • Creating global strategy

  • Communicating vision and strategy

  • Monitoring metrics to inform strategy

  • Looking for ways to improve volunteer experience

  • Creating sustainable revenue streams

  • Engaging professional services to support operations


  • How to run an international organisation

  • Organisation-level strategy

  • Developing new metrics for measuring our impact as an organisation

  • An opportunity to represent Cause Corps to media outlets, and other organisations

  • Starting new chapters internationally