Our Initiatives

In creating an aligned organisation, there’s value in visualising how all the parts contribute to the greater whole. We’ve chosen to represent this with an Initiative Map.

In the below Initiative Map, you can see how our current operations contribute towards making doing good a daily habit. We have adapted our Initiative Map from the Maptio guide, Charles Davies’ work on initiative mapping, and Peter Koenig’s source principles.

The intention is that every Initiative in the organisation will eventually have a single “Initiative Owner”; this is ultimately accountable for the Initiative. It also means we’re clearly able to see where we have gaps in skills, and what Initiatives we need to focus more or less on.  

The two Initiatives in Cause Corps green are ones we expect everyone to work on. regardless of their level of experience. The rest, however, when read in conjunction with our Opportunities Canvas, visualise how more experience with us generates more opportunities for growth.

You can read more about the organisation design of Cause Corps on our Resources section.