Milaana - Social Enterprise Startup Journeys

Cause Corps salutes Milaana - a fellow traveller organisation on a road do doing well whilst doing good. Their mission was to connect students to community organisations.

Milaana has announced it closure after two years of working as a social business; and they've been so kind as to share their software, resources and learnings with us.

Read about their journey here:

SUCCESS, What is it and how do you make it last?

For our team, we measure Milaana’s success by the extent to which we achieve the following;

  • Making a lasting IMPACT (What we do)
  • Forming meaningful CONNECTIONS (Who does it)
  • Being GENUINE in our PROCESS (How we do it)
  • Financially SUSTAINABLE (How we continue doing it)

Whilst my inability to lead us through to achieving the last, we all still feel successful due to what we achieved with the first three.

 - Hollie Gordon, Milaana Founder

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