Thank you Industrie IT: Our first Cause Corporates!

It's not your average day at the office; countless balls of  yarn are strewn across the floor, and tiny beanies decorate the bench. Some staff awkwardly hold looms, some absent-mindedly work their way around in vibrant colours, but all have an unshakeably contented look on their face.

Amongst the brightly coloured furniture and floor to ceiling windows, the ring of chairs by the kitchen looks more akin to a knitting club than an I.T consulting office, and you'd be forgiven for thinking that no actual work goes on here. The look of passers by as they stop to appreciate the homely sight is almost one of envy, that they might have the time themselves to do that, to be part of that group of corporates smiling away at the yarn in their laps.

Don't let the contented looks on their face fool you, though; the staff at IIT work as hard as they play. Sponsored by Wom*n in IIT,  staff took their lunchbreak off to help us with our Journey Nepal mission, finishing 12 beanies in the space of just over an hour; no mean feat for a group with little to no previous experience. 

We'd like to thank everyone who came along, to prove that making a difference in the lives of others doesn't need to be time consuming, or technically difficult. We're overjoyed to have IIT leading the way in corporate volunteering,  and look forward to seeing them next week for round 2!

Phillip Kapeleris