Cause Corps Internship

Having applied for an internship, I was considerably nervous for the interview that followed. I ended up walking around the same block several times desperately trying to find Max Brenner but thank goodness I was still able to make it on time for my interview.

Steven was very welcoming and he went on to teach me about the foundation of Cause Corps; who they were, what they did and the whole concept of micro-volunteering. I liked what Cause Corps was trying to achieve so I was looking forward to getting on board as an intern to make a difference and learn some skills. The environment at the office was relaxing and everyone made sure that I was comfortable. We had a few laughs here and there but it never hindered us; we always got work done. At Cause Corps, you get to choose what you want to get involved in and also what you aim to get out of the internship.

Throughout my time here at Cause Corps, I’ve learnt a range of things such as how to improve myself and how to organise my work load. I was filled with so many mixed emotions from anxiety to excitement and everything really has been great. I’ve been supported so much by the team and my experiences here have really shown through with how I approach situations outside. I’m so relieved that I’ve joined Cause Corps; this opportunity has and will continue to give me much to build on.

“Thank you for being patient and guiding me through my work. I look forward to working with everyone from the Cause Corps family in the future, you guys are all truly Champions.”

— Cindy Tran, Cause Corps Champion

Cindy Tran