Postcard Box

Postcard Box


Supply Drop Incoming!

Now you can host your own postcard event wherever you are. Each postcard supply drop contains:

- 20 pre-paid postcards

- Pencil case

- Assorted colouring pencils and lead pencils

- Eraser

- Instructions on how to run the event


Note: Postcards are region specific please make sure you pick the right one for your country!

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100% of profits will help us continue hosting free events
Your generous support will be directly re-invested into organising free Meetup events around the globe.
As an entirely volunteer-run organisation, we'll put every cent towards event materials, branded merchandise, and developing new products and services for our volunteers. With your help, the world can continue doing good with us for free. 

Each supply drop is designed so that you can immediately open them up and jump right into the event. If you have any question on how to run the event refer to the included set of instructions, if you have any further questions feel free to email us at