Winter is coming

Show your support and keep yourself warm this winter with a Cause Corps beanie. Made from a combination of wool and cotton, these beanies will sure to not only look good but keep you warm as well so you can keep doing good no matter how cold it is.

All funds will go towards funding future meetups and events so that we can continue making doing good not only a daily habit but free!


Note: This product is not yet available.

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100% of profits will be used to continue hosting free events
Your generous support will be directly re-invested into organising free Meetup events around the globe.
As an entirely volunteer-run organisation, we'll put every cent towards event materials, branded merchandise, and developing new products and services for our volunteers. With your help, the world can continue doing good with us for free. 



These beanies were designed by our own team at Cause Corps and will surely keep you warm and show your support for Cause Corp. Profits from sales will go towards events such as Beanies for Nepal, one of our hosted event that allows volunteers to knit beanies for babies in the harsh cold regions of Nepal.